Everything You Need to Know About Molly Mcqueen’s Dreamy Calistoga Wedding Look.

Late last summer, actress, Molly McQueen married Andy Favreau at a Calistoga ceremony that evoked all things timeless romance. As the granddaughter of famed actor, Steve McQueen, California cool is practically genetic, so it comes as no surprise that Molly seamlessly parlayed her everyday esthetic into a wedding look that had a natural ease and elegance. We sat down with Molly to talk, pulling together her dream wedding look and the best piece of jewelry advice she has ever received.



How did you incorporate your personal style into your wedding look?

MOLLY: I wanted it to be ‘me,’ but the bridal version of me. I didn’t want to use the wedding as an excuse to wear a princess gown or dress like an entirely different person. I wanted to feel my best on my wedding day, and that included being comfortable.



Did you have a strategic mood board, or did you come to the final look with an organic approach?

MOLLY: I wish I could say it was organic, but I definitely had a mood board! The mood board was helpful in translating my vision to my hair and makeup team. At the trial, we used my inspiration images as a starting point, and from there, we collaborated. They are incredibly talented at seeing the look as a whole, and I loved that we weren’t tied to keeping it strictly bridal.



What inspiration did you draw from when you were thinking about which jewelry to pair with your wedding and rehearsal dinner dresses?

MOLLY: It was important to me to have the rehearsal dinner and the wedding day events feel very different; naturally, the jewelry I chose was very different too.

I initially gravitated toward white diamonds for the rehearsal dinner, but when Susan [of Broken English] suggested the emerald earrings by Shay, I was sold! They were a bolder choice than I would have normally made if left to my own devices, but in the end, I think they were my favorite look of all.

For the Wedding ceremony, I wore a pair of Anita Ko Short Rope earrings that perfectly complemented the dress - delicate with the perfect amount of sparkle. I paired the earrings with an Anita Ko Hepburn yellow gold and diamond bracelet and an Anita Ko Baguette bracelet.

For the after-party, I wanted to really go for it, style-wise. My dress was a Naeem Khan party dress, and I could not have found a better option than the Melissa Kaye Aria Violet Earhook Earrings. They totally made me feel like a disco queen! I loved that they were a completely different vibe than the ceremony look.


“It was important to me to have the rehearsal dinner and the wedding day be very different events; naturally, the jewelry I chose was very different too.”

– Molly McQueen


Styling earrings and hair can be tricky - did you pick the earrings and then the hair look or the other way around? What is your suggestion to brides who find themselves in this conundrum?

MOLLY: I always thought that I would wear my hair down but that all changed after I found my wedding dress. The sexiest part of the neckline was the way it emphasized the collarbones, and I wanted that to be the focus. In that sense, I decided on hair first and then chose my earrings. I toyed with the idea of wearing a necklace, but there was something so classic about earrings and bracelets. I’m so happy with that decision. Also, for the hair, you can always take it down after the ceremony, which is what I did!



How would you style the jewelry that you wore on your wedding in a more casual way?

MOLLY: I would wear the Shay emerald earrings with jeans! I would - and will - wear the Anita Ko diamond necklace with everything. There are no rules. Jewelry is my favorite accessory because you truly can dress it up or down, and it always makes you feel special.



Best piece of jewelry advice you've ever received?

MOLLY: Always do the price-per-wear calculation! Essentially, you take the cost and divide it by the number of times you will wear it. Voila!