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Talking Diamonds with Jewelry Editor Sam Broekema  for Broken English Jewelry

Talking Diamonds with Jewelry Editor Sam Broekema

"Set in Stone"

Just a few months ago, veteran fashion editor Sam Broekema found himself in a brand new position and much more localized specialty as the first ever Editor-in-Chief of Only Natural Diamonds. He is settling into the multi-faceted world of diamonds, a category he has long loved and one that is constantly inspiring him every day. “What’s incredible about diamonds is that they are a part of so many different parts of culture. It’s a way so many people are telling their stories and very personal stories.” Sam shared what’s most exciting to him about shopping for diamond pieces, offering some sound advice and new ways to think about this super sentimental stone.

A Point of Pride

“I think that what I’ve been most inspired by recently are the people who are buying diamonds for themselves - to express what’s beautiful to them and to celebrate a personal accomplishment. One of the largest growing percentages of diamond purchases are self purchases and I think that’s really beautiful. What [shoppers] want is something more permanent and more enduring and is there anything more long-lasting than a natural diamond?”

Follow Your Heart

“The 4 C’s (cut, color, clarity, carats) are an incredible guide for people when shopping for a diamond because there is a lot of fear around shopping for a bigger purchase. But I think the most important factor to consider is how it makes you feel. Maybe it isn’t the largest by way of carats, but the way it’s set or the way it sparkles just speaks to you. I think that sort of gut check of inspiration or desire is a great guide to use.”

Comeback Cuts

“I love a rose cut diamond and an old mine diamond. These are heritage, very old and antique cuts and they are maybe not the most flawless stones, but they have a lot of interest. They invoke the past in a really poetic way.”

Perfection In Imperfection

“People like to talk about eternally flawless stones but I think inclusions are super beautiful. It’s something that’s made by nature and there can be incredible personal value to something that may not rate as high as another stone.”

Switch Up the Setting

“We’re seeing a ton of toi et moi (French for “you and me”) rings with two stones meant to represent two people in the relationship. I’m seeing a lot of stones that are set asymmetrically so they look a little bit less traditional. I think people are wanting to challenge themselves to move past how they’ve always seen diamonds, which is cool.”

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