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Take Care of Your Earrings with Author Danielle Prescod for Broken English Jewelry

Take Care of Your Earrings with Author Danielle Prescod

"Tips From A Piercing Pro"

Danielle Prescod is a veteran fashion and beauty editor can now call herself a first-time author with this month’s release of her memoir, Token Black Girl. Danielle is a self-professed jewelry lover and piercing aficionado, with a very practical approach to how she wears her pieces. “It’s really important for me to be realistic about the jewelry I collect. I try to make sure with anything that I do buy, I comfortably use and wear it.” No stranger to social media, she’s documented her jewelry shopping and cleaning techniques to her viewers and shared her piercing stories and maintenance tips with us below.

How did you first start building your ear stack?

I had my first piercing when I was eight years old, which I really remember because at the time I was waiting to get them because my parents wouldn’t let me and I’ve always loved jewelry. When I turned eighteen I went to the mall and got my second and third holes. Then when I was a fashion editor, it became a thing to get pierced at jewelry designer appointments or press reviews so I kept on getting them. I have seventeen of them! I sleep with all my earrings in and wear them every day. I try not to change them too often because once I find a configuration I like, I want to enjoy it.

What are your go-to piercing tips?

I’ve gone to so many places to get piercings and of course would recommend going to an expert with a single needle versus a piercing gun. Do get your piercings with fine jewelry and you also should know your own body well, like if you scar or heal quickly. I found that when I had braids, they’d hit the earrings and would get more irritated so I had to tie my hair back and make some personal concessions if I was getting a new piercing. Some people have to change the way they sleep, it’s kind of a trial and error thing. Getting the salt water cleaning solution and even dipping in the natural salt water of the ocean helps.

When and how should ear stacks be cleaned?

I work out often, ride horses and change my hair a lot so I constantly clean my earrings after these activities. Some people are really intense and get the ionic machines but I don’t do all of that. There are some studs in my inner ear I cannot take out so I use alcohol to clean all around them. The ones I can remove, find different fine jewelry cleaning solutions online for your choice of metal or stones, soak the earrings for about ten minutes or a little longer if it’s been a while, rinse them off, let them dry off with a little brush or polishing cloth and put them all back in. It’s very satisfying to see them come out so shiny!

What are your favorite earrings staples for the base of your stack?

I usually do all yellow gold - I’m definitely a gold girl. It’s a mix of huggie hoops and studs, I don’t love things for everyday wear that will get caught on things. There’s always risk involved when putting a sweater over your head and wearing jewelry - I like earrings that feel out of the way!

Describe the bits of flair you add to make your earring story so “you”.

I love whimsical earrings, ones with colorful stones, an evil eye, a Leo symbol, my dog’s initials. Lately I’ve been looking for a little book to celebrate my book release. I like things that speak to me and feel like they represent me. It’s my version of a tattoo - I like to carry things that hold meaning with me and I do that in my earrings.

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