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Laura’s Picks: Everything Is Illuminated

Chandelier earrings are exactly what their name implies: Elaborate, often gem-set danglers that reflect and refract light in all directions.

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Laura's Picks: Linked In

From humble bronze coins strung on cords to intricate gold medallions set amidst a collection of gilded charms, coin jewels — are a wardrobe staple.

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Style File: Ankles Away!

Anklets aren’t just for festival season. As summer approaches, a delicate gold bracelet that adds an unexpected element of pizzazz to plain ol’ sandals.

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 Back to Basics: Y Not?

Lariats, sometimes referred to as Y-shaped necklaces, have cycled back in fashion — and hooray for that! Defined by a long, linear silhouette that lacks clasps or closures, the style naturally draws the eye down, creating the perfect base layer for a necklace stack.

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Emerald: Sauer's Signature Stone

This Brazilian heritage brand works to transform nature’s masterpieces into wearable sculptures.

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Cosmic Love: Taurus & Emerald

Those born under the bullish sign of Taurus are drawn to emeralds, the earthiest and most resplendent of precious gems. Beloved for its Platonic green hue.

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All Cuffed Up

In addition to multiple piercings, many jewelry lovers like the look of a small cuff on their ears, cinched at the thinnest part of the cartilage.

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In Full Swing: Snaking Around

Coils, loops and other designs that evoke the sleek, twisting motion of a snake are perennial jewelry favorites, but they’re especially relevant now for reasons both obvious and understated.

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Designer Spotlight on FoundRae

In 2015, Beth Hutchens was in her early 40s, working as the chief executive of a clothing company she’d founded but sold. Business was good , but, as she tells BE, “I’d lost my passion.”

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 Spirited Away

Jewelry has long served as a form of symbolic protection—but during the pandemic, its reputation as a talisman only grew.

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Made Well

Rose gold jewelry has a soft and subtle pink sheen often associated with vintage jewels.

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Best Of

An eternity band is an aspirational jewelry purchase for two reasons: What it is and for what it represents — eternal love.

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Just in! An assortment of delicate, handmade necklaces and bracelets in a variety of colors and shapes perfect for layering or worn alone.

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