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Your Zodiac & Birthstone Reading

Your Zodiac & Birthstone Reading

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June’s Birthstone


Much like Gemini having two personalities, the birthstone for June is also dual-focused, both Pearl and Moonstone. To complicate things further, Alexandrite is also associated with this zodiacal month and with Mercury, its ruler. Here we can see that we are given multiple options in the Gemini season, so the skill is in the selection process and deciding what is prioritized. The Pearl and Moonstone carry a Hermetic quality as they speak to the ability to transmute their energy through changing their essence and precisely their color in different lights. This is a hallmark of Gemini, mercurial in its nature, and thus able to adapt to multiple situations. It is the archetype of the shapeshifter.

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June 22–July 22

Cancer • Crab

The Sign of the Crab is synonymous with emotional and intuitive creativity; it is interesting that the River Nile begins its annual flooding at this time of year, so the sign is linked to emotional fertility. A desire to express a specific point of view will be strengthened and more intensely articulated this month, especially as the transiting planets make a hard square of energy at the beginning of the season, allowing for a deeper download of spiritual wisdom. This will be especially felt with the activation of the Sun in Cancer, squaring Jupiter in Aries through the course of the zodiacal month. This is further compounded by the fact that Mars also joins Jupiter for most of the season. By working through some initial challenges, you will be able to use the power of Jupiter and Mars to break through to some newer, higher, and more aligned perspectives. Try capitalizing on this powerful energy dose. It is essential, however, to stay in the body as much as possible and ‘somatically’ feel your truth by remaining anchored in your sincerity and not letting outside influences in that might destabilize you. This time also coincides with the Pluto return in the United States of America, so anyone with strong Cancerian activation will feel Pluto's pull a lot this month as it makes a direct opposition at 27 degrees Capricorn to the Sun in Cancer. You will be sent to the depths of your psyche at this time, so try to stay grounded and keep developing your spiritual practice to anchor your thoughts and expand your intuition.

July 23–August 22

Leo • Lion

Fixed Fire Leo will be activated this month as both Jupiter and Mars in Aries makes a nice trine of energy with those with a leonine signature. Things should flow quite nicely, and yes, this is a time to activate and manifest, not a time for sitting around and waiting. Due to the huge changes and uncertainty facing humanity currently, it is essential for this fire energy to develop the psychic sphere and learn to manifest internally and externally. Success, therefore, should not be at the expense of human relationships. Learning to use one’s intuitive skills will help with final achievement. Caution, however, with keeping your own, often outdated belief systems going; instead, try to stay open to new ideas as they come into the collective consciousness. With Uranus at 17 degrees Taurus and Mars joining him in early July, they both make a direct square to the heart of the lion, forcing you to look with fresh eyes and new perspectives upon your own life.

August 23–September 22

Virgo • Virgin

The sun in cancer will make a sextile to your sign this month, gifting you the potential for better emotional communication. Because Mercury, the ruler of both Virgo and Gemini, is currently in the Sign of The Twins, there is a particular need for you to choose the correct words when speaking at this time. With Venus and Mercury in Gemini squaring your Virgo placements, you are desirous for quality of communication. It is important, however, to be sensitive to the feelings of others at this time and not talk over them. Change is in the air, too, with Uranus in Taurus making a nice trine of energy to your Virgo placements. This denotes that you are finally accepting of change.

September 23–October 23

Libra • Balance

For those with Libran placements, a challenging astrological cross appears this month as your natal sun squares the seasonal sun in Cancer, sparking certain emotional feelings, especially surrounding relationships at this time. Moreover, Jupiter in Aries makes a strong opposition to your natal placements, giving you a quest for truth and the possibilities for greater expansion. There is a significant psychological component to this as Pluto in Capricorn forms a direct opposition to the Sun in Cancer, forming a giant cross in your astrological chart. This can be a testing time that can lead to suffering, but the outcome is undoubtedly good as there is much growth from this struggle. Success is on the cards, just stay consistent and focused on the job at hand. Jupiter, ‘the great benefic,’ is working with you.

October 24–November 21

Scorpio • Scorpion

Since the Summer Solstice on June 21st, modes of communication will be less external than usual as the Scorpios will be forced to go even more inward than usual. This month, with the Sun in Cancer making a trine with your natal placements in Scorpio, it will offer you some welcome support in your psychological development, which will help you with new manifestations. Remember, with Uranus still firmly in Taurus, creating an opposition to Scorpio. You will be forced to release old stories and old belief systems, especially around money and power. The more you let go of these old paradigms, the more you will be supported and feel aligned in this new earth you are co-creating. Trust.

November 22–December 21

Sagittarius • Archer

Now that the sun has moved into Cancer, those with a strong Sagittarius component tend to have a quieter time but not so this time around. With Venus and Mercury both in Gemini for most of the zodiacal month, forming an opposition to those with Sagittarius placements. This is going to bring up thoughts and feelings around relationships and how best to communicate within them. This may pertain to business and/or personal connections, so use this energy wisely to directly communicate what it is you need to express and not allow too much noise to get in the way of achieving success. You will ultimately be supported in your projects as Jupiter, the Great Benefic, in Aries forms a trine of energy lending you a hand in your endeavors.

December 22–January 19

Capricorn • Goat

Cardinal earth makes a direct opposition with Cancer, cardinal water, creating opportunities or challenges, depending upon your perspective and frequency. With Pluto still firmly in Capricorn, those with Cancerian placements, especially at the end of the season, will be taken to the depths of their psyche (think Persephone being abducted to the underworld by Hades). It is a time for deep and powerful transformation. It is uncomfortable initially as humans resist the unknown. The advice here is to try and work through this potentially demanding season to bring out something long-lasting in its benefit. Think of the Hero’s Journey, your journey, and you are on a quest to find the holy grail.

January 20–February 18

Aquarius • Water Bearer

For the Aquarian, especially with Saturn still in your sign by transit, there is an even stronger desire for structure and foundation than normal. This may prove to be difficult in this time of transition that the world is going through. Allow the watery feelings of the Crab to guide you emotionally and intuitively in making the right decisions going forward. It is not just a question of the left brain deciding but allowing the imaginative and intentional part of our nature to speak up too. With Venus and Mercury in Gemini making a nice trine of energy to your Aquarius placements, you will feel supported in your ability to articulate in a smoother and more attractive way than normal. This will help your compassionate nature come out more and be visible.

February 19–March 20

Pisces • Fish

With the sun in Cancer, the energy will align nicely with Pisces, offering a space for deeper emotional connection and revelation. Remember, these are two very intuitive and psychic signs, so when they trine, it creates a lot of positive energy. Just be careful with Neptune as he is still in Pisces, which can lead to illusory beliefs and fantastical behavior that is not grounded in reality. You are called to ground yourself as much as possible in ritualistic methods that allow you to tap into your higher self and not get sidetracked by entities that don’t have your best interests at heart. You may also struggle to have clear ways of communication open this month as Mercury forms a square to your natal Pisces placements. Stay on guard with being transparent in how you communicate so that you learn from these experiences, thus taking you to a higher form of existence.

March 21–April 19

Aries • Ram

For you, Aries, this is a time to activate your power as the Sun makes a transiting square to your natal sun. Challenges can be problematic, but when taken on correctly, they offer tremendous potential for growth to achieve positive change. The good news for you, Aries, is that the great benefic Jupiter is now in your sign, so this will help you considerably in furthering your goals. Don’t waste this precious energy as Jupiter is only in Aries for another year or so, so now is your time. Furthermore, with Chiron currently transiting Aries, this is an excellent time for you to go deep within yourself and do the inner work of healing, moving out of old wounds and traumas.

April 20–May 20

Taurus • Bull

The sign of the Bull, which is fixed earth, makes a nice sextile to the transiting Sun in Cancer. This brings a steady flow of good energy your way, but stay vigilant as Uranus's innovative and unexpected qualities, moving through the steady Taurus earth sign, will bring about unexpected changes and some turbulence, especially for those unprepared. This month should flow quite nicely for you, but later on in the year, change will be more omnipresent. The moral of the story here is to expect the unexpected.

May 21–June 21

Gemini • Twins

Things may quiet down a little at this time, but not by much as Venus and Mercury remain in Gemini for most of the zodiacal month. Try not to over-think things as Mercury; your natal ruler remains in Gemini for the rest of the season. Your mind is sharp, but don’t let it dominate everything. Make room for the Cancerian waters to flush your brain with feelings and intuition, balancing you out so that you feel things more in the body than the brain. Once you understand that the ‘monkey mind is sometimes programming you,’ you will be able to see things in more depth and see that the world is composed of multivalent frequencies, and you have the choice as to which one you will operate at.


July’s Birthstone


This month’s precious birthstone is the Ruby symbolizing the passion and intuition of the Moon, the ruler of Cancer. This unique stone helps maintain vitality and strength of character by creating a shield of psychic protection. Cancer is known as the portal to life itself, where those seeds are birthed within the mystical waters of our sacred planet. This is a month for you to listen to your body and listen well; you will reap the rewards. The Ancient Egyptians saw Cancer as the beginning of the cycle, much like seeing Aries as ours. Remember, the Great Nile annually floods in the month of Cancer, starting the cycle once again.

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August’s Birthstone


The precious birthstone for this month is the peridot symbolizing the solar light of wisdom, with its soothing golden-green glow, signifying the high point of summer light and vitality. Leos are natural-born leaders; they provide a vital role in shaping society, leading the way with charisma and joy, bringing about steady change. The Peridot strengthens the individual and protects the person by surrounding them with more protective and nurturing energy to manifest at the highest level.

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September’s Birthstone


The precious birthstone for this month is the sapphire symbolizing the bountifulness of what the earth can produce. Virgo is an earth sign, and sapphires are deeply connected to this element. It is why this stone can also be associated with the other earth signs Capricorn and Taurus. There is a mutability in the caliber of the light of this gemstone, which explains why Mercury, its ruler, is apt to bring about an intelligent and communicative quality to this sign. When this gemstone is used correctly, it allows for a positive energy flow to occur, encouraging manifestation. This jewel, much like its zodiacal sign Virgo, is really about discernment and judging what is right and wrong for the individual. Above all, this gemstone symbolizes quality over quantity.

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October’s Birthstone


Libra is the Scales and is constantly seeking balance in the world of polarity. Venus-ruled Libra is the beautiful and proportioned Opal stone that resonates most with the Goddess of Love, known for bringing prosperity in relationships and personal power. In this current season, we will need to hang on to the opal stone judiciously and work wisely with its powerful and positive energy.

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November’s Birthstone


Scorpio has a few birthstones associated with this zodiac sign. The Topaz and Amethyst are the two that correspond the most, symbolizing the powerful and psychic side of the sign ruled by Pluto in modern astrology and Mars in ancient. The Topaz stone is connected to water and hence empathy and psychic ability, so use this stone to harness these skills within yourself. The Amethyst stone helps cleanse the body and mind of unwanted energy by promoting spiritual connection and releasing fears and anxieties.

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December’s Birthstone


Sagittarius has a number of birthstones associated with this zodiac sign. Much like its ruler Jupiter there is an abundance here. Sodalite, turquoise, and Blue Topaz are the three that correspond the most, representing powerful calming stones that help still the mind and focus the brain on the mission at hand, creating more clarity. Blue is the color here associated most with Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius. This zodiac sign is mutable fire and can sometimes be overly optimistic, at times scattered, not always focusing as intensely as it could, so these stones help calm the heat down so that attention to detail can manifest. I love the Sodalite, which is an opaque blue stone with flecks of white and grey within. This is a powerful manifesting stone and heightens the ability for rational thinking, permitting the soul working with this gem to slow down and think more critically, allowing for greater successes. It is truly a powerful talisman. Blue topaz is also a very calming stone bringing balance and harmony to an often busy and fiery Sagittarian.

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January’s Birthstone


The precious birthday stone for this month is the Garnet, symbolizing the grounded commitment and stability of Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, as he forges this subterranean red gemstone through time and space. This stone, created under slow, deliberate pressure, over millennia, deep underground, represents stability, commitment, and friendship. Capricorns are loyal, committed people with a good understanding of the material dimension. Remember Saturn is the father of time, so that Capricorns can be very patient.

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February’s Birthstone


The name comes from the Greek word “Amethystos,” which translates as a cure for drunkenness since this wine-colored stone was believed to prevent intoxication. This stone can give you courage and strengthen friendships. It's one of the many birthstones that can be mined or created in a lab and is linked to the element of wind. The gem also provides healing powers to help with both physical and emotional issues and is known to relax nerves and improve balance. You can instantly recognize the amethyst from its stunning purple color.

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March’s Birthstone


This birthstone is most closely associated with seawater and provides soothing energy as it helps connect us to water, the origin of life. The gem has many other properties, including the ability to purify energy and provide stress relief. Aquamarine is known to inspire truth, trust, and the ability to let go. Many people treasure this stone for its ability to restore beauty and youth through its incredible anti-aging properties.

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April’s Birthstone


This gem inspires love and devotion. The garnet is a stone of strength and safety, and as such, it helps to ground you and keep you connected to the present. These gemstones are found all over the world, and each color version of the garnet has its own spiritual properties. Although the most widely-known color of garnet is red, you can find this stone in many other colors, including green, yellow, and orange. Garnets are energizing, regenerative, and shield against negativity.

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May’s Birthstone


The precious birthday stone for May is the emerald symbolizing the beauty of Venus, the ruler of Taurus. The emerald is one of the rarest gemstones and needs to be nurtured and protected, two great hallmarks of Taurus energy. However, Beware of the negative side of this archetype is excessive desire, greed, and hoarding.

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