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Foundrae, co-founded by Beth Hutchens and Murat Bugdaycay, is a collection of modern heirlooms designed with intention, symbolism and spiritual manifestation. Finding inspiration from a multitude of cultures, Foundrae’s jewelry tells your story through the representation of tenants, elements and spiritual animals.

Foundrae encourages their clients to build upon the pillars that speak to them over the course of their lives, and give new meaning to their own personal themes. Incorporating inspiration from the Greek alphabet, Egyptian mythology, Chinese elements, among others, Foundrae has created a lexicon all their own.


Foundrae Jewelry

By adding clasps, pendants, and chains, Foundrae jewelry pieces have the unique ability to take on new meaning, new style, and new life. Foundrae forges the path for laid back luxury with the use of precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones. With specific attention to sustainability and craftsmanship, Foundrae’s pieces are made of 100% recycled gold and re-refined precious metals. Additionally, all of their diamonds adhere to the Kimberley Process to ensure the stones are ethically sourced and sold. In homage to the birthplace of Foundrae, New York City, 100% of their pieces are assembled and finished by their in-house studio in Tribeca.

Enamel is a chief design element found in many of the pieces within Foundrae’s collections. Foundrae employs a centuries-old technique called champleve enamel, also known as “hot enamel.” This technique heats a powder of raw, naturally occurring minerals, which is hand-applied to the pure gold, at a temperature upwards of 2400 Fahrenheit. After multiple applications, a glossy, molten glass forms giving way to the unique designs and symbols.

The nine tenants that comprise the Foundrae jewelry collection are strength, karma, dream, protection, wholeness, with wings we fly, true love, resilience, and course correction. Within each tenant, multiple symbols, such as a horseshoe and arrow, are used to further illustrate the purpose and intuition. These tenants can be seen in several Foundrae necklaces. The Dark Blossom Flower Necklace depicts flowers blossoming against a black backdrop to speak to the resilience of positivity even during the darkest hours. Similarly, the snake is featured in the Wholeness Necklace is symbolic that everything is unified. At the center, there is a crescent moon, which symbolizes growth, a fire triangle for transformation and a star for energy and divine guidance.

Foundrae, which derives its name from the blend of two words: “Found” and “Rae” (Beth’s grandmother’s name) is a collection that has always had the self purchaser at the forefront. “I had just kind of always imagined people putting together their own stories with their own symbols. And I believe that the process of selecting the symbols that most resonate with them was very personal,” proclaims Beth.


What type of jewelry does Broken English Jewelry carry from Foundrae?

Broken English Jewelry carries earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, charms and pendants. 


What metals and gemstones are used in Foundrae jewelry?

 In our Foundrae collection you can find jewelry embellished with diamonds, sapphires, pearls, jasper, lapis, onyx, topaz, and more. Each piece is of jewelry is made with stunning 14-karat gold. With the proper care, Foundrae jewelry is perfect for every day wear.


What other designer jewelry brands does Broken English Jewelry sell?

Upgrade your jewelry collection with stunning, timeless pieces that you can wear for years to come. At Broken English Jewelry, you can find a wide-array of jewelry from top designers such as Jenna Blake, Silvia Furmanovich, Anita Ko, Jennifer Meyer, and so many more.


Snake Bookend Band - Pave Diamond




Protection Band Ring



Engravable Band Ring



H Charm



Blossom Thorn Charm



Snake Bookend Band



Medium Reverie Medallion



Medium Spade Medallion



True Love Heart Cigar Band


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