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MAQÉ, an ethically produced postcool jewelry brand that is contributing to a new and better standard, one gemstone at a time. In an industry that is marked by conspicuous consumption, pristine-looking stones and dirty mining practices, MAQÉ delves deeper and goes in search of hidden gems.

We don’t care much for status symbols. Instead, we design statement pieces. Daily and durable wearables, set in recycled gold, platinum, or silver adorned with responsibly mined precious and semi-precious stones.

Our postcool jewelry honors the genuine, the unpretentious. Postcool is the opposite of trendiness, it celebrates timelessness. Postcool is about making individual, but ethically conscious choices.

Unique gemstones, an ethical design, and the creation process are all integral elements of our jewelry brand MAQÉ ‘post-cool’ ethos. MAQÉ was founded in 2019 by Kim Lenders and Karjan Vloon, our combined career background encompasses fashion to finance.

Intricately woven, fabric bracelets set with natural-looking precious and semi-precious gemstones held in 18k gold, platinum, and silver settings.

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