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Michelle Fantaci

NYC native Michelle Fantaci began creating jewelry at age fifteen, an early passion which led her to spend a year studying old-world metalsmithing techniques under the masters in Florence, Italy. Michelle’s background in the artisan approach to jewelry design is evident in the subtilty and grace of her work, which is notable for its detailed adaptability, with stackable pieces designed for the wearer to create a custom layered look.

Michelle Fantaci

Echo Double Ring


Michelle Fantaci

Open Hexagon Ring - Diamond


Michelle Fantaci

Occhio Bomba Ring - Diamond


Michelle Fantaci

Cluster Ring - Diamond


Michelle Fantaci

Muzo Octagon Ring - Emerald


Michelle Fantaci

Amaranthus 2" Earring - Diamond


Sold out

Michelle Fantaci

Amaranthus 2.75" Earring - Diamond


Sold out

Michelle Fantaci

Amaranthus Bracelet


Sold out

Michelle Fantaci

Nomad Lantern Ring


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