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Broken English Jewelry - Set the Tone: Thankful for November
Weekly Roundup

Set the Tone: Thankful for November

This month marks the beginning of another fast-moving holiday season, but we aim to remain grounded and grateful for our BE community. We hope our latest arrivals continue to wow you and we’re excited to share our newest obsessions. From dynamic stone duos to big sparkles in simple packages, our favorite jewels of the season are yours for the taking.

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Broken English Jewelry - This Month’s Sign and Stone: Scorpio and Topaz

Broken English Jewelry - This Month’s Sign and Stone: Scoprio and Topaz

This month, pamper the fiercely loyal and passionate Scorpios in your life.

They spend a lot of their intense energy protecting others. Surprise them with a personalized zodiac jewel from the many designers who offer them or choose a glowing topaz (November’s stone) to represent their warmth.

Broken English Jewelry - Diamonds and Pearls

Diamonds and Pearls

“If I gave you diamonds and pearls, would you be a happy boy or a girl?” Prince sang in “Diamonds and Pearls,” the title song on his 13th studio album. To which all we can say is: HECK YEAH. The combination is one of our faves. Discover our favorite designs that focus on the beautiful marriage of these two classic gems.

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Broken English Jewelry - Diamonds and Pearls - shop rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets

Broken English Jewelry - BE Founder Laura Freedman, Keeping it Casual 

Keeping It Casual

BE founder Laura takes big jewels (like this Englebert ring) out of context and pairs them unexpectedly with a casual hoodie and jeans. Her effortlessly cool styling adds extra mileage to investment pieces and keeps them feeling fresh and comfortable to wear.

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Broken English Jewelry - Keeping it Casual

Broken English Jewelry - Going Greek - Shop Lalaounis Jewelry

Broken English Jewelry, The Gold and the Beautiful - Shop all gold new arrivals in rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets

Bold & Beautiful Gold

There’s no going wrong with statement pieces in precious yellow gold. Whether you’re drawn to chunky chains, scarab pendants, or snake-inspired styles, the richness of the metal combined with the talent of BE’s designers means all of our featured pieces are destined to endure for years — decades, centuries! — to come.



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