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In Conversation with Vram Minassian
Designer Profiles

In Conversation with Vram Minassian

“A Look To the Future”

We sat down with artist and designer, Vram Minassian, to get a deeper understanding of how he conjures and creates the sculptural masterpieces he is most known for. His inspirations are out of this world, but his muse is close to home.

What inspired you to launch a complete collection?

I started my company working with private clients on bespoke pieces. It wasn’t until I launched my collection in 2016 that I changed the focus to reflect my personal point of view. After designing the Echo Ring, I worked on the collection secretly for around a year before finally deciding to release it. I knew that the shift in aesthetic would alienate some longtime clients, but I asked myself, “if not now, when?”

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What was your foray into jewelry design?

I was exposed to jewelry design by my father. Though I later attended GIA, the vast majority of my studying was done outside of the classroom. The design element is something that comes from living life with a sense of curiosity and purpose.

How did your upbringing inspire your aesthetic?

I grew up during the space race when there was a lot of enthusiasm for the future. Cars resembled rockets. Architects combined form and function in new and exciting ways. My tendency to push the envelope with proportion and volume was inspired by the world around me.

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What do you do to feed yourself creatively, outside of work?

I've been spending a lot of time doing arts and crafts with my kids — building stages for puppet shows and debating with a six-year-old about the color of the proscenium.

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How does your family inspire your collections?

My wife, Sevane, is my muse. She is always the first to wear a new design. Her feedback is an integral part of the process, and her admiration is a constant driving force.

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