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Broken English Jewelry - In Conversation with Jenna Blake
Designer Profiles

In Conversation with Jenna Blake

What inspired you to launch your namesake collection?

"I’ve always been inspired to see jewelry as a tale of history that can be worn in a modern way. I blend vintage designs with new, graphic elements inviting appreciation by a whole new audience. The beach is the perfect atmosphere to highlight and enhance colors; after all, the beach is nature’s jewel box."

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We love your shell pendant - what is your trick to wearing beach motifs into the Fall?

"There’s nothing I love more than a preppy, east coast turtleneck look paired with an eclectic beach charm collection. It adds a personal feel to an otherwise traditional look. Wearing beach motifs during a non-summer season is probably the most appropriate time to wear them! During the coolest months, summer motifs remind us always to have a bit of an easy-breezy attitude (even when we aren’t quite feeling it!)"

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What are some unexpected colors to pair with Turquoise jewelry?

"Everything! Turquoise is neutral and looks good with absolutely all colors. However, the most unexpected colors are the ones that look the best. For example, greens like malachite, reds, and oranges seen in rubies and ambers, as well as browns like tigers eye and wood."

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You're a fierce advocate of jewels on the beach; what about jewels on the slopes?

"I'm all about an amazing apres-ski look: heavier textures such as tweeds, plaids, furs (faux and real), and higher necklines make for a great canvas to display your jewels."

What do you think is misunderstood or unique about Coral jewelry?

"Much like turquoise, coral is also a neutral stone and one of nature’s best gifts. The coral-stone I use for my Angel Skin Coral Heart Pendant is Italian vintage and has not been recently taken from our waters. Coral should be worn year-round and we should not be scared to mix it into our winter palates! It adds warmth and texture during the winter months when so many shy away from color."

Favorite Cold Weather Destination?

"Aspen, CO"

Favorite Brands For Cozy Knits?

"The Elder Statesman and Souchi (a handmade sweater shop in Aspen)"

Autumn Nail Polish Color?

"Just a simple buff - never compete with the jewels!"

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