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Shop our Antique & Vintage Chanel Necklaces collection. Our curated collections feature only the best in fine jewelry and luxury decor for the modern woman. Explore an assortment of antique, vintage, and contemporary designs that are the epitome of timeless style and laid-back luxury.

Explore our curated collection of Chanel classics selected by our expert buyers. Choose from Chanel earrings, chains, pendants, cuffs, and more.

Chanel is synonymous with classic style and casual elegance. In contrast to Chanel’s minimalistic approach to fashion, Chanel jewelry features bold designs that draw inspiration from costume jewelry and fine jewelry. The iconic mirrored double C’s are among the most sought-after Chanel designs and can be found in everything from Chanel necklaces to Chanel earrings. Other popular designs, such as the Chanel Maltese Cross Cuff, continue to be reinterpreted in compelling new ways to this day.

For the true connoisseur, a vintage Chanel piece is a must-have addition to their jewelry collection. Chanel earrings become a timeless accent piece that can pair with any outfit to add instant allure. For a bold statement, choose a Chanel pendant necklace or multi-stranded chain. No matter what you decide, you’ll be adorned with the revolutionary designs of Chanel.