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Chanel - a name synonymous with enduring style and exceptional quality. Purchasing Chanel jewelry is an investment you should make with total confidence, knowing that your piece is an authentic item that will retain its value. Our collection of Chanel earrings is selected by our expert buyers and offers something for every taste. Whether your style is subtle and minimalistic or makes a bold statement, you’re sure to find a pair of Chanel earrings that will be treasured for generations.

The Distinction of Chanel Style
Chanel has maintained its iconic status through its long line of legendary designers. The brand has been a strong influence on the fashion world and stands strong as one of the most recognizable names in the industry. The demand for Chanel products, and earrings, in particular, has never been greater. There are a number of reasons why the popularity of both vintage and modern designs continues to this day.

Durable Craftsmanship
Every Chanel design is built with aesthetics and functionality in mind. As to the latter, long-lasting quality is a true trademark of the brand. Whether you've selected a pair of earrings for everyday use or for special occasions, you can be sure your earrings will retain their quality as long as you own them. This is only true, of course, with an authentic pair of Chanel earrings. While there are many convincing imitations and knock-offs, none will stand the test of time as well as true Chanel.

That's why it’s best to buy from a reputable dealer that can guarantee the earrings you receive are original and authentic. A real pair of Chanel earrings are manufactured under strict standards and regulations that ensure they are of the highest quality.

Chanel earrings are more than just a piece of jewelry - they are a valuable investment and an asset that will only appreciate over time. Well cared for Chanel items attract higher resale values than other jewelry with even similar brand name recognition. Over time, vintage pieces become much harder to find, increasing the demand for them among collectors and casual buyers alike. This can turn cherished items into family heirlooms passed down from one generation to the next.

Know Your Chanel Earrings
Before you buy, take a moment to educate yourself on the specificity and nuance that goes into the authentication process of Chanel earrings. This way you can rest assured that every piece you own is a true Chanel product and not a highly-detailed imitation. There are some indications you can locate to help you determine that your earrings are fully authentic.

Depending on the date your earrings were created, you can look to certain aspects of the jewelry for your clues. Anything made prior to 1950 doesn't contain much in the way of stamps or etchings that define the piece as an original item. For this period of time in Chanel history, you must look towards the design and manufacturing of the earrings to help you authenticate what you're wearing.

After the 1950's there are certain aesthetic touches, such as the name “Chanel” stamped into the surface of the earring and in later years, additions of copyright and registration trademarks accompanying that brand name stamp. In recent years, Chanel has begun adding season codes to their jewelry pieces, going as far as to include the letter P for 'Printemps' or A for 'Automne' indicating that a piece was released in the Spring or Fall collection of that year.

Materials Used in Manufacturing
You can also tell you own a pair of authentic Chanel earrings based on the metals that have been used in their manufacturing. Fine pieces are created in sterling silver, yellow or white 18K gold, and platinum. Each item is emblazoned with markings that describe the karat purity of the metal along with a serial number and the Chanel brand stamp. Since these are earrings, you may need to look closely to find these distinguishing characteristics, as they are printed and engraved in inconspicuous locations so as not to affect the design of the jewelry.

Another aspect to examine is the quality of the etching of these stamps and engravings. New pieces produced over the last 20 years are laser-engraved. This process produces sharp lines and font quality. Older, more vintage pieces made prior to the 2000s will not have the laser etching but should appear smooth and distinct.

The metals used in the manufacture of Chanel earrings will have weight and heft when held in your hand. The processes used in the creation of Chanel earrings include double-forged backings, and the stones on older costume pieces are made with Gripoix glass. If your earrings don't have these elements, then your pair may indeed be an imitation.

Caring for Your Chanel Earrings
Different lifestyles may dictate the purchase of certain types of Chanel earrings in order to ensure that your jewelry does not depreciate in value due to poor maintenance. Always take great care in protecting and preserving your Chanel earrings. Handling or wearing the earrings in less than ideal circumstances can lead to the jewelry becoming dull and scratched.

This is a particular necessity with fine Chanel pieces, as costume pieces are somewhat more resilient against wear and tear from routine use. Gemstones and precious metals tend to reflect their level of care and maintenance in a short period of time. Preserve these pieces well and they will always look their best. Do not and you will soon detect small imperfections that can be very difficult to repair or remove.

The following are some recommendations for ensuring that your Chanel earrings are always kept in pristine condition: 
- Avoid contact with perfume and makeup. The chemicals contained in common beauty products can have a corrosive effect on precious stones.
- The same goes for using any other corrosive chemicals in other routine environments and applications. These can damage the stones and tarnish the metals.
- Avoid exposing your earrings to extreme heat as temperature shifts can have a damaging impact on certain precious stones. This can be irreversible and permanent.
- Don't wear your earrings during strenuous activities where they can be knocked off your ears and fall to the ground. High-impact activity can lead to the metal becoming scratched or marked.
- Avoid storing earrings together. When two pieces rub or impact one another, both items can become scratched. The best way to store your earrings is by securing them into individual pouches, but keep both pouches in the same case or container so as not to misplace one earring.