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Women's History Month Female Voices

Women's History Month Female Voices

"BE Celebrates Women’s History Month"

March is Women’s History Month, and with that, we are highlighting three female jewelers who push the boundaries of creativity and jewelry design. Lisa EisnerAriana Boussard-Reifel, and Annette Ferdinandsen share the spotlight and shed light on what fuels them creatively and spiritually.

Annette Ferdinandsen

What is your inspiration behind the collection?

I am inspired by the exquisite beauty of the natural world and the forms they create. I am also drawn to the artistic expressions of the different cultures we live in through costumes, jewelry, and architecture.

When you imagine the woman you are designing for, what comes to mind?

My work is bold, playful, original, so the woman who wears my jewelry is equally bold, playful, and original! She is not afraid to be different and take chances.

Is there a specific piece that you feel most connected to from your collection?

That is a hard question as my work is so diversified. The Mother of Pearl Bamboo Earring is elegant and classic, a Hollywood Regency look. And I love my Large Amazon Turquoise Claw earring! It is bold with a classic motif that never goes out of style.

Ariana Boussard-Reifel

Is there a woman who stands out that has mentored/guided/inspired your journey as a jewelry designer?

My mom and my maternal grandmother always wore big strings of amber and turquoise and had their arms festooned with bangles. My Lebanese great aunt was even buried wearing 40 gold bangles that had been soldered to her arm! We have always been a family that loves to collect and wear bold jewelry, so it feels like my lineage to make it!

Is there a specific piece that you feel especially connected to?

The first piece that I designed was the Despina Cuff. I saw a Mayan neckpiece at The Met and thought that the shape was so beautifully suited to a bracelet. I was a fine sculptor in my past life, so it was very intuitive for me to try to carve this design. I launched my line with the Despina and just a few other pieces from that same inspiration point. Broken English was the first store to carry it! Laura has been one of my greatest supporters, and I feel very lucky to be here.

Lisa Eisner Jewelry

When you think about the woman you are designing for, what do you imagine?

I design things that I would want to wear. You have to feel it! I like big, bold, 1970’s-ish pieces, hippie style, kinetic earrings, ethnic tribal jewelry, and lots of American turquoise and bronze. But I also know some women don't want to wear such big, bold pieces, so I also do the opposite and design things that are meant to be worn every day—pieces with a talisman-like quality. Though, I am always up for the challenge of bespoke pieces.

Is there a piece you are most connected to?

I love all my pieces, but I always veer towards American turquoise from old, famous mines that are no longer active or black jade from Wyoming (where I grew up.) I think the piece I wear the most would be the Turquoise Saber Tooth Necklace. It’s also a bold but simple design with that feel of the hand. I only make a few of each design because I hate the idea of mass production.

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