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Broken English Jewelry - Designers Thinking Pink - Shop pink jewelry from Elior, Annette Ferdinandsen, SHAY and more
Weekly Roundup

Three of a Kind: Designers Who Are Thinking Pink

As we trudge through winter, it’s high time to invest in a little color therapy. Mood-lifting pink does wonders for day-to-day dressing, adding a spark of sweetness to cozy sweaters and wool suiting. From enamel to sapphires to obscure gems such as calcite, the pink possibilities are vast—and the outlook positively rosy. Just ask the designers who’ve embraced the hue: Annette Ferdinandsen, Elior and SHAY.

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Broken English Jewelry - Designers Who Are Thinking Pink - Shop pink jewelry by Sauer, ARK, Moksh and more

The Best of Investment Pieces

The beauty of jewelry made of precious and high-value materials such as gold and diamonds — in addition to its physical beauty, of course — is that, unlike clothing or handbags, it’s almost never thrown away. A jewel may be worn and enjoyed, repurposed for a different look, traded for another piece or handed down to the next generation, but it remains a thing of value forever. In an era of disposability, and the growing backlash against it, what more could we ask of a purchase? 

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Broken English Jewelry - Best of Investment Pieces - Shop Jewelry by Carla Amorim, Munnu the Gem Palace, Antique & Vintage Jewelry and more

Broken English Jewelry - Best of Investment Pieces - Shop Jewelry by BaYou With Love, David Webb, Buddha Mama and more


Broken English Jewelry - Embracing Enamel - Shop enamel jewelry by Trouver, Marie Lichtenberg, Selim Mouzannar, Melis Goral, and more

Made Well: Embracing Enamel

It should come as no surprise that the French perfected the use of decorative enamel centuries ago when they began applying a fine-grained glass solution with pigments to golden plates to create detailed miniature paintings. The allure of those pieces has inspired a generation of contemporary jewelers to resurrect the art of enamel. Their work now appears in an array of vibrant and occasionally neon colors in pieces that are by turns serious and fun — and seriously amazing.

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Broken English Jewelry - Made Well: Embracing Enamel - Shop enamel rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, charms & pendants by Marie Lichtenberg, Selim Mouzannar, Melis Goral and more

Broken English Jewelry - Shop our Valentine's Day Gift Guide - heart shaped and love themed bracelets, earrings, charms & pendants, necklaces and rings by Foundrae, Anita Ko, EF Collection and more



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