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Three of a Kind: Bird is the Word
Weekly Roundup

Three of a Kind: Bird is the Word

Ever since the Victorian era and its fascination with ornithology, jewelers have looked at birds — be they swallows, ravens, owls, doves, eagles or peacocks — as creatures worthy of the bejeweled treatment. As symbols of hope and freedom, supposedly imbued with fantastical, curative powers, the creatures lend themselves well to jewelry, where their literal and stylized forms have been used to decorate earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings. Rare birds, indeed!

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Best Of: Door Knockers

Picture a heavy wooden door adorned with an ornate gilded knocker. Now picture these golden pieces of hardware affixed to your ears. Rooted in 1980s hip-hop culture, “door knocker earrings” — typically, oversized gold earrings featuring circular hoop-like elements  — have, like all once-loved designs, come back around. And it’s not just because the “mob wife” aesthetic is trending. We love the statement-making style for its boldness and its beauty. And for the way anyone wearing a pair of door knockers can channel Sharon Stone in Casino — with all the fashion flair and none of the crazy!

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Made Well: Titanium Jewels

Named for the Titans of Greek mythology, titanium is as light as aluminum but stronger than steel. No rarer than the beach sand from which it is extracted, it lacks the heft and intrinsic value of gold or platinum. Used by workers in the aerospace, medical and dentistry fields, the metal flouts every major tenet of luxury. And yet, fine jewelers are besotted with it. Their obsession boils down to two things: Titanium’s lightness allows them to design dramatic pieces whose featherweight qualities belie their impressive scale. And it boasts a beguiling capacity for coloration, turning mauve, turquoise and other fantastic hues depending on the amount of electric charge in the anodization process. BE’s selection of titanium jewels is space-age sophistication at its finest.

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Broken English Jewelry - Trouver


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