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Talking Jewelry with The Stax

Talking Jewelry with The Stax

"It Takes Two"

Inspired by the jewelry collection of her late mother, PR veteran Victoria Lampley Beren was looking for an outlet to help others emotionally connect with sentimental jewelry. She enlisted the help of current By George fashion director and former InStyle editor Laurel Pantin to serve as an advisor. Thus, The Stax was born. The two help clients source and assemble their jewelry collections and have cultivated partnerships with auction houses and designers. In celebration of one year of The Stax, we asked the duo to share their thoughts on all things sparkly.

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How did the two of you meet and decide to form The Stax?

“We were introduced through a friend - coincidentally she also introduced Victoria to her husband. She has a knack for matchmaking! We were friends for years, kind of long-distance penpals since Victoria moved to LA and I was still in New York. We both had a love for jewelry, and would text and talk about it all the time, but last spring Victoria had the idea to start this business and asked if I'd like to help. The rest is history!”

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How would you describe each other’s jewelry style?

Victoria: “Laurel is the epitome of tomboy cool, think Lauren Hutton meets with the style of a young Harrison Ford. She has the utmost respect for the integrity of the craft behind each piece and the details of the stones, the more history/rare details the better. Her motto rings true in her jewelry/fashion taste, to look ‘horny, rich, and lazy’."

Laurel: “Victoria is a maximalist - she loves color, and substantial heritage pieces. She's able to wear all different types of jewelry, different designers, mix colors, metal, stones, and pull it all off seamlessly. She's a walking rainbow. She has a deep appreciation for heritage jewelers, and a special soft spot for British and international talent plus a limitless interest in new designers. She layers her pieces so effortlessly, she embodies the well-traveled free-spirited vibe of a true jewelry lover.“

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What is your favorite part of hearing people’s jewelry stories?

“We both just love people - you learn so much about someone when you start asking about their jewelry. It's really personal and sentimental. The word Laurel uses for it is squishy. We're both kind of cuddly people and we just like noodling around in yummy feelings with people.”

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Who are your jewelry muses?

Victoria: “I have three! One is my Godmother Lady Laura Wellesley. Her neck is draped with layered gold chains in different weights with just the right amount of interesting charms and gold pendants: vintage stacked precious-gem crosses, mixed in with bead strands from her travels to Ibiza. Second is my friend Adwoa Aboah, her ears always make me spiral: pierced and perfectly adorned with gold huggie hoops, diamonds, and stick and poke tattoos. Third would be my late Mother's dear friend, Jayne Pickering, career fashion editor at Vogue, Glamour and Marie Claire – her taste in jewelry is beyond divine, and curated to a T but never in a flashy way.

Laurel: “Mine are Maria Felix, and this older Italian woman I saw once in Amsterdam. Heavy gold, tan skin, former (possibly current) smoker in a crisp button down. I love a masculine but still indulgent feel.”

What trends are you loving in jewelry right now?

“We just love seeing more people looking to customize pieces or have things made bespoke for themselves. More than anything it's nice to see jewelry being worn and enjoyed, which we think in recent years has been happening more and more. At Broken English we’re loving pieces from Lisa Eisner, Selim Mouzannar, Loquet, Rosa de la Cruz, Ark, Silvia Furmanovich, Sidney Garber, Sophie Bille Brahe, Nancy Newberg, among many others.”

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