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Style File: All Cuffed Up
Weekly Roundup

Style File: All Cuffed Up

Ears cuffs came into fashion about a decade ago, just as the vogue for layering earrings was getting started. Now the #earparty is in full swing. In addition to multiple piercings, many jewelry lovers like the look of a small cuff on their ears, cinched at the thinnest part of the cartilage. Usually a small gold semicircle, the style also comes accented with diamonds and pearls, allowing you to customize your stack as you please. Ear ear!

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Broken English Jewelry - Style File: All Cuffed Up: Shop Ear Cuffs by Anita Ko, Tabayer, Carbon & Hyde
Broken English - The Gift of Fab: Shop Trouver necklaces and bracelets

The Gift of Fab

Despite how delicate they look, Trouver necklaces and bracelets are scene-stealers. Available in bubblegum colors (neon yellow, apple, lapis, peony, kelly green, turquoise, etc), they’re ideal for layering but can also be worn alone. And with their unbeatable pricing, you can buy a trove of them — for you and all your besties.


Broken English Jewelry - Shop Trouver necklaces


Broken English Jewelry - Shop Trouver Bracelets

Broken English Jewelry - How to Be a (Chic_ Maximalist

How to Be a (Chic) Maximalist

Maximalism — aka the “more is more is more” aesthetic — is all about the mix. Start by combining different, and surprising, jewelry elements — whether that’s contrasting colors, styles or gem materials — with a boldness of scale, and then piling them on in an artful, over-the-top arrangement (imagine a neck adorned with chains of varying lengths and link styles). The creativity lies in the combo — and the confidence comes with owning your bold sense of style. Take a page from Iris Apfel (R.I.P.), “the matriarch of maximalism,” whose motto — “more is more and less is a bore” — is BE’s guiding inspiration.

Broken English Jewelry - Shop Maximlist Jewelry from Tabayer, Sevan Bicakci, Lisa Eisner and more

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