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In Conversation with Marie Lichtenberg
Designer Profiles

In Conversation with Marie Lichtenberg

"On Jewelry, and Her Lockets That Inspire Love"

Parisian designer, Marie Lichtenberg, invites us into her world of sun-drenched happiness. Layered in exquisite lockets, derived from the inspiration of her Creole roots, Marie explains the importance of skilled craftsmanship, her style preference, and designers that she admires.

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Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?

“I was born and raised in Paris. I am a 100% Parisian girl still living in the 7th district in Saint Germain des Prés.”

What were some of your earliest memories of jewelry?

“My great-grandmother had a gold whistle around her neck. She was using it for many excellent reasons: lunchtime, tea time, and snuggle time.”

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What inspired your deeply personal jewelry collection?

“It's all about heirloom and roots. My locket is inspired by Creole clasp and chains. My mother's family is from Martinique, and all of the women have worn this locket style since the late 18th century. My collection is inspired by the “Força” necklace, a strong Symbol of emancipation and freedom in Creole history.”

How long did it take to perfect the design?

"It's a never-ending learning curve! We are trying to improve our designs and production every day, trying new techniques, new mechanisms. My jewelry line is two years old - still a baby!"

“I wanted to create something meaningful and happy, simply coming from my heart. All our lockets are handcrafted in India and Italy. The production requires immense skill: hand-carved gems, hand enameling, micro-settings, engraving, and Guilloché technique. It is a painstaking level of detail.”

Describe your collection in one sentence?

“It is a culmination of all of the facets of my life: art, design, travel, history, joy, and savoir-faire.”

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