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Jewelry Editor Will Kahn's Notebook for Broken English Jewelry

Jewelry Editor Will Kahn's Notebook

"If There’s a Will, There’s a Notebook"

Will Kahn, jewelry editor and the person behind the jewelry-focused Instagram and Tiktok account @willsnotebook, chronicling his worldwide travels from jewelry studios to jewelry trade shows, all with his signature notebook in hand. Will took a moment from his jampacked, gem-filled schedule to tell us how he got his start and what pieces, trends and designers he has his eye on these days.

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What does a day in your life look like right now?

I moved back to New York after a stint in LA and I’m an avid dog walker of two Frenchies, Cleo and Clementine. I’m starting to love New York again. Every day is kind of different, it depends on who is in town and what kind of jewelry fair may be happening but typically I’ll do some jewelry appointments throughout the day, mix in a gym class, do a post a few times a week. It’s pretty fluid.

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How did you get your start working in jewelry coverage?

I started at W Magazine in the accessories department. Learning how to become an editor in that world was about knowing your niche really well, whether that was hosiery, costume jewelry or hats. When I went to Town & Country after W, I didn’t really know anything about fine jewelry. Stellene Volandes was my boss there and she knew everything about jewelry. She wanted me to handle the market of that category and slowly taught me everything she knew. She was the perfect teacher. I ended up really loving it, there is so much history there.

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How do you edit based on your personal taste?

It’s helpful being a man as an editor covering women’s fashion. I look at it completely outside of myself. In that same way, I don’t really wear jewelry that much and I’m able to have a neutral stance and really see it as a fantasy. I love the men's jewelry renaissance on the red carpet happening now. I think it shows a younger generation’s fluidity in fashion and I think celebrities of the past would have been worried about looking too feminine whereas Justin Bieber and Harry Styles are embracing the femininity of jewelry and looking even more masculine for it. That’s even more binary than the way that they’re thinking now, which is ‘here is my style and that includes jewelry’. I am all for it!

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What is your favorite summer styling trend?

I’m obsessed with layering and I think the diamond rivieré is the key piece to start with as your base. For summer I love it paired with surfer beads, like heishi beads or shell necklaces. They really add a little something cool to it. Then I would take maybe another necklace, like a longer one with a medallion or an Anita Ko zodiac sign. All of a sudden, your neck is stacked for summer!

Who are you loving as a designer these days?

I’m very into Jenna Blake. I love her 60’s inspirations and I think the way she mixes jewelry is the way women should be mixing. It’s really inspirational.

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