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Broken English Jewelry - In Conversation with Loquet and Heidi Bishop

Collaboration with Loquet and Heidi Bishop

"Three of a Kind: Meet the Makers Behind Our Latest Collaboration with Loquet and Heidi Bishop"

Laura enlisted the talents of longtime Broken English favorite Sheherazade Goldsmith of Loquet to create a set of exclusive charms that speak to the pillars of the store: manifestation, remembrance, victory, love and courage. Sheherazade then added her friend ceramicist Heidi Bishop to the mix, which bloomed a more the merrier collaboration with her tiny dishes emblazoned with words that describe “the best feelings in the world”. The result? A beautiful offering of exclusive items for Broken English, debuting just in time for holiday shopping. The three women jumped on a call together to talk about creating, the resilience of the female spirit and the ease that comes with finding like minded individuals in the collaborative process.

LAURA: “The whole philosophy behind Loquet is simpatico with that of Broken English: keepsakes, things that commemorate moments and milestones through life’s journey. Filling your locket full of things that are symbolic or represent different things to you. It’s such an amazing line and people have been really receptive to it because it’s so easy to personalize. When you work with someone long enough, you see them grow and it’s been so great to see Loquet’s journey. We did these five charms that speak to the symbols of Broken English which are: manifestation, remembrance, victory, love and courage. Sheherazade is friends with Heidi and that she does these beautiful dishes so we thought it would be really fun to have these little vessels to hold the charms or the lockets and have a three-way collaboration.”

SHEHERAZADE: “It’s a really lovely marriage. From a creative perspective, I absolutely adore Laura’s aesthetic. There is a meaning to what they do at Broken English and it marries really well to how we do something [at Loquet]. To be able to create a set of charms that relates to their mantra comes off the back of having worked with somebody for a very, very long time. They came out pretty perfect”.

LAURA: “Collaborations are really interesting when you find certain people that you’re on the same page with and it comes really naturally. Sheherazade is one of them. She’s a light summer breeze. She is lovely, her energy is amazing and working with Loquet is just easy.”

SHEHERAZADE: “It’s really nice to work with other women who are very dedicated and passionate about what they’re doing and just help each other along and championing each other more than anything else. The collaboration with Heidi came from a collection of word charms that describe the best feelings in the world.”

HEIDI: “My pieces are pure, simple with a bit of fragility and beauty, which I think is echoed in Sheherazade’s charms. They are tiny and delicate but incredibly sturdy at the same time, which resonates with all three of us as women. These little tiny vessels are for everything to lay in, keep safe or wait for you to pick it up again. And that just keeps something close to your heart. Beauty and aesthetics play a part in everyday life with your home, yourself or your jewelry. This radiates from all of us and how we express ourselves and our passions.”

LAURA: “We selected each of these charms based on things that are so meaningful to me and my life’s journey. I really love remembrance. We chose a pansy as a forget-me-not, it’s something that really resonates with me. It’s important to remember to hold space for things. To stop and remember and to enjoy each moment as it’s happening. I think that’s really important to me.”

SHEHERAZADE: “My favorite charm from the Broken English collaboration is the laurel leaf. It’s a celebration of achieving something. With all the juggling that we do and the enormous task of multi-tasking. In that place I’ve built my own life. I love the idea of seeing a branch that is a laurel, which is something really beautiful with a perfect balance of being quite delicate and also being inherently quite strong.”

HEIDI: “And that plays on porcelain as well! The clay that I use is porcelain which everyone thinks is so delicate or breakable, but it’s really quite strong once it’s fired to its top temperature. So it is robust and that plays into the laurel branch that you’re speaking about.”

SHEHERAZADE: “I think the joyousness for me is just having collaborated in such an easy and simple way with two people I find incredibly talented and whose work I admire very much. And that’s always such a nice thing when it’s uncomplicated and it means that you end up with things you really love.”

HEIDI: “I think there’s something in this collaboration that you’re going to keep forever. Whether it’s the jewelry or the keepsake or the memory. It’s the journey that each represents and where you are in your life at that point. The collaboration added to our lives and didn’t subtract from it.”

LAURA: “I couldn’t agree more. It’s important for Broken English to represent designers in a way that helps boost their brand. To do an event and a collaboration is such an organic way to do it and it gives our clients something special and unique they can’t find anywhere else.”

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