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With Love Darling was founded on the philosophy that a piece of jewelry can speak a thousand words. It is a communication of unspoken words, through which we can convey compassion, humor, understanding, respect, and love. The Global Goals collection was created in partnership with the United Nations movement, where 17 goals were put into place with the hope of bettering the world by the year 2030. The goals include aims to end poverty, hunger, climate change, and inequality while fighting for human rights and sustainability. The Global Goals appeal to everyone, as it's 17 different roads to creating a better world that we want to leave better than we found it. We‚ love interpreted the 17 Global Goals as 17 symbols that are simple and beautiful pieces. We want the wearer to forge a strong connection to the goals and speak about them to loved ones. The Global Goals collection allows the wearer to show off their activism in a more discrete, elegant, and refined manner.