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Set the Tone

Choose a key color to anchor the look, and then add gold chains and pendants to fill it out. Don’t worry about getting too “matchy-matchy” but instead think about your look in cool colors and warm colors. Cool colors include sapphire, turquoise, and opal, while warmer tones include tigers eye, wooden beads, and citrine.


Large Belcher Chain - Wholeness


Special order

Jennifer Meyer

Heart Pendant Necklace - Opal


Special order

Dinh Van

Menottes R12 Necklace


Nancy Newberg

Twist Bar Link Chain


Jennifer Meyer

Mini Bezel Dangle Necklace - 6 Multi Color


Special order

Jennifer Meyer

Heart Pendant Necklace - Green Turquoise


Special order

Jennifer Meyer

Evil Eye Necklace - Turquoise and Lapis


Special order

Jennifer Meyer

Mini Bezel Dangle Necklace - Turquoise


Special order

Lisa Eisner Jewelry

Turquoise Claw Pendant Necklace


Nancy Newberg

Texture Diamond Charm


Ara Vartanian

Black Diamond Necklace


Lizzie Mandler

Knife Edge Linked Necklace


Special order


Small Belcher Chain - Strength


Special order

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Chanel Tag Necklace


Lisa Eisner Jewelry

Lapis Lazuli Pendant Necklace



Element Stone Chain - Lapis Lazuli


Special order

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