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Four Step Hoops



14K Yellow Gold Delicate Hoops with 4mm and 2mm Opals and 2mm White Diamonds

Diameter: 1.7"

About the designer

Wwake Jewelry, the creation of New York-based designer Wing Yau, is a thoughtful balance of tension and scale. Deceivingly simple pieces in gold are sprinkled with often-asymmetrical groupings of opals, diamonds and sapphires. The selection of jewelry is defined by signature contour shapes, unexpectedly light stone arrangements and otherworldly stones. Individually-sold earrings and studs can be stacked in different colors and lengths to create an individual look. Light stacking bands can be worn together on one finger fitting into one another, or spread out across many fingers. Delicate pendant necklaces make a strong, singular statement when worn alone, or layer for a more complicated look. All WWAKE jewelry is crafted in New York with the finest quality materials and conflict-free diamonds.

I'm obsessed with opal! I don't see myself as a first-and-foremost diamond girl.


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