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Black Diamond Cord Bracelet



Thick Braided Cord Bracelet with 18K White Gold and Black Diamond Charm

Charm Diameter: 0.65"

Adjustable Length: 6" - 7"

About the designer

The Trunfio Universe jewelry collection is a project that Australian supermodel Nicole Trunfio has had in the works for quite awhile. What started as a desire to create a zodiac sign jewelry collection,evolved into a true luxury jewelry brand that does not compromise on materials or quality. The jewelry is sentimental, each piece filled with meaning and depth, and is intended to be empowering for the wearer. Guided by the law of attraction and the powers of manifestation and visualization, Trunfio Universe lives by the saying "Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen".

The Universe Bracelet is a collectible because the bracelet itself and the pyramid come as separate pieces. I really urge people to get their favorite mantra, quote or saying they live by inscribed on the inner face of the bracelet, so when you wind the pyramid into the bracelet to lock it, it's a time of self-reflection.

Trunfio Universe

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