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Tara Hirshberg

Striped Enamel Surfboard Bracelet



10K yellow gold and striped colored enamel surfboard bracelet with adjustable nylon cord "leash"

Surfboard Length: 1.2"

About the designer

Tara Hirshberg started designing jewelry for herself. As a fan of backless dressing, she became tired of being unable to find jewelry made specifically for the back. The simple yet surprising gesture of reversing the traditional necklace shines a fresh light on a unique body focus. A spiritual and philosophical departure from overt sexuality, Tara Hirshberg’s jewelry represents sensuality and an elevated feminine stance.

The most beautiful abstract painting exists because the artist knew what to leave out. It take a lot of discipline to make things look simple. Things that convey a sense of balance are always inspiring to me - nature, people, music, food - wherever I can find it.

Tara Hirshberg

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