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Lakme Blanc Earring


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Single 18K Yellow Gold Stud with White Diamonds, Center Stud Fits Through Ear Piercing Giving the Appearance of a Triple Ear Piercing, Sold Individually

Diamonds: 0.060ctw

About the designer

Maria Black Jewelry is founded on the pure idea of combining aesthetics and artistry, allowing contemporary fashion jewelry to emphasize the everyday look of modern women and challenging the common perception of body adornment. Maria creates each collection with an underlying expression of her passions and experiences, so that every collection owns a feeling or personality and becomes a complete story. All of Maria’s designs are intended to encourage individual creative freedom. By continuously innovating the perception of body adornment in a contemporary prêt-a-porter approach to jewelry design, Maria Black Jewelry strives to consistently challenge and revolutionize the significance of jewelry in the everyday look.

I was always very artistic in the classic expression but i couldn't really find the outlet I needed for it. Once I stumbled - and it literally was a stumble - over jewelry making, it was as if I found a purpose for it.

Maria Black

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