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Martin Bernstein

Tahitian Pearl Earrings



14K yellow, rose, white gold and sterling silver mixed chain drop earrings, each with one large Tahitian pearl

Total Height: 4.5"

About the designer

Martin Bernstein has celebrated a long career as an artist, experimenting in many mediums throughout the years. Bernstein regards jewelry as adornments that individuals use to dress themselves up in order to exalt the feelings and emotions that they feel toward themselves and their loved ones. His jewelry is inspired by elements old and new, tarnished and shiny, tangled, forgotten, and uncared for. His work reflects the importance of rediscovering and appreciating the intrinsic preciousness of these elements. Each piece is a hand-crafted work of art, made with a mixture of gold chains in different colors, pearls and rough stones diamonds. 

I don't design ahead of time. I just begin with some element and start making.

Martin Bernstein

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