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Dancing Creole Earrings



18K rose gold hoop earrings with African amethysts, Brazilian amethysts, pink amethysts, London blue topaz, Swiss blue topaz and sky blue topaz - patented hinge mechanism allows for stones to flip back and forth between colors

Amethysts: 7.52ctw / Topaz: 8.86ctw

Diameter: 1"

About the designer

Marie Mas' collection is nothing less than a pioneering technical feat. Designed to be "jewels of movement" and inspired by the underwater world, each piece of jewelry can transform and adapt itself in one moment to suit one's personality and mood. The precious stones are set back to back, and as if by magic an ingenious mechanism allows the gems to rotate and switch color in a balletic domino effect. Combining her unique skills with her creativity, Marie Mas develops new patented techniques which are the hallmark of her brand's identity. Expert craftsmanship and innovation combine to creat the most incredible jewelry pieces.

I am looking for movement, poetry in the mechanism's complexity. I love to bring a touch of magic to my jewels.

Marie Mas

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