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Hexagon Lariat



18K yellow gold lariat with flat white diamond hexagon pendant

Diamonds: 0.56ctw

Pendant Width: 0.5" / Height: 0.65"

Necklace Length: 16"

Lariat Drop: 2.5"

About the designer

Lito’s fine jewelry collections reflect her fusion of the old-school feel of traditional jewelry-making with contemporary influences, ushering a new era into the craft. Her elegant and rare ability to gracefully roam between the realms of modernism, romance, futurism, science, ancient tribes and tradition has a sui generis finishing touch that few visionary artists can achieve. With the persistence of an artist and the heart of a modern age pirate, Lito travels the world in search of magnificent stones and uncommon materials. Her unique pieces have become instant collectables and have honored the fashion shows of Kenzo and Jean Paul Gaultier couture and “prêt-à-porter” collections.

Greece influences my design very much. Everything in Greece is about life and how to enjoy it.


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