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Loriann Stevenson

Grey Diamond Slice Necklace



18K white gold necklace with two kite-shaped grey diamond slices and white pave diamonds

Diamond Slices: 1.10ctw

Pave Diamonds: 0.16ctw

Pendant Width: 0.4" / Height: 1.1"

Chain Length: 18"

About the designer

Creating wearable art inspired by the imperfection of nature’s beauty, Loriann Stevenson’s first inspiration for jewelry design came from ancient beads of Roman glass, shell currency from New Guinea, and Pyu gold from Burma. She is drawn to the playful, yet sophisticated presence of imperfect diamonds, where texture and personality take precedence over clarity and cut. All of her pieces are one-of-a-kind. Using all conflict free materials, old world traditional techniques, and master setting skills, each piece is handcrafted in Los Angeles by expert goldsmiths and diamond setters who work hand in hand with Loriann to create the line’s artisan feel.

It’s wonderful to see the surprised expression on someone’s face upon discovering that a rustic or slice is actually a diamond.

Loriann Stevenson

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