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Loren Stewart

Wire Choker



14K yellow gold wire choker with white diamond dangle

About the designer

Loren Stewart creates classic and nostalgic jewelry with a renewed experimental bite. We are attracted to the properties and possibilities of gold and precious materials. Designs are minimal and clean. Pieces can be layered or mixed and matched — we call it “self-curated” style. An essential aspect of our brand identity is about making fine jewelry accessible with a live-in-it wearability.

Designs draw from coming of age during the 1980s when rock music was dominated by iconic women such as Debbie Harry and pop was enhanced by music video glamour. American high-school culture was captured by John Hughes’ Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club. Our pieces wink at that era with whimsical hearts, safety pins, pastel gemstones, and vintage style Herringbone, Valentino, Rope and Box chains.

Loren Stewart

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