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Leslie Paige

Rose Gold Puzzle Earring



14K rose gold linked square earring, sold individually

Width: 1"

Height: 1.3"

About the designer

After spending decades as a pastry chef in Southern California, Leslie was used to creating temporary pieces of art. Inspired by her desire to create more permanent art and to showcase the back of stones as well as the front, Leslie created her signature “perched setting” ring.  People began to take notice of Leslie’s unique and dramatic ring, which encouraged her to add different pieces to her collection, as well as variations of her quintessential “perched setting” .

I have always believed true beauty lies in our uniqueness - in our style, our attitude and our imperfection. I strive to capture this beauty in each of my designs. All gems have imperfections, as do we. Isn't this just perfect?!

Leslie Paige

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