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Lizzie Mandler

Diamond Spike Stud



18K yellow gold mini studs with white diamonds

Width: 0.15"

Height: 0.25"

About the designer

Los Angeles based jewelry designer Lizzie Mandler creates unique and delicate jewelry sure to catch the eye of the modern, sophisticated woman. Every piece is crafted with great skill and each design is unique, offering the wearer the opportunity to don a true piece of art. Lizzie’s jewelry is lovingly and carefully handcrafted in Downtown Los Angeles. Threaded chain earrings studded with black and white diamonds are signature pieces of Mandler's collection. Combined asymmetrically, they can create a cool and effortless look.

Jewelry is such a powerful medium because it has the ability to be completely time-specific and yet timeless at the same time.

Lizzie Mandler

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