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Joana Salazar

Tourmaline & Emerald Earrings



18K rose gold statement earrings with tourmaline-in-rock-crystal stones and emeralds in mixed sizes and cuts

Emeralds: 3.38ctw

Tourmaline: 17.59ctw

Total Height: 2"

About the designer

Born in Brazil, Joana Salazar is a jewelry designer with a vast and multicultural background. An avid traveller, she graduated in Italy and continued her education with a deep immersion in India's best heritage, the jewelry culture. Her experience in India brought her skills and knowledge together to help create her first collection. Joana's jewelry follows her life events and emotional experiences. her work reflects her sensibility in each and every piece. Her collections are designed in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I always had a feeling that jewelry was more than something you wore to look pretty

Joana Salazar

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