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Jessie VE

Aries Constellation Necklace



18K yellow gold necklace with white diamonds in the shape of the Aries constellation

Pendant Width: 1.75" / Height: 0.85"

Chain Length: 18"

About the designer

The genesis of Jessie VE lies in the desire to design symbolic jewelry that strikes up emotion without the need for engraving or other traditional personalization methods. Jewelry with a hidden twist or secret message is their expertise. The intricate nature and innovative designs in the Jessie VE collections require a fusing of centuries old traditional goldsmithing techniques and cutting edge modern technology.

I've always been fascinated by the nights sky, the stars and the Greek mythological stories surrounding the constellations. Imagination at its finest! I also find that whenever I am inspired by something, I tend to 'think in diamonds.' Instantly the stars were replaced with diamonds in my head and it just kind grew from there.

Jessie VE

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