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Ilana Ariel

Circle Linked Bracelet



14K white gold open chain bracelet with white sapphires in mixed cuts

Bracelet Width: 0.65"

Total Length: 6.5"

About the designer

From a young age, Ilana Ariel was mesmerized by her Grandmothers' jewelry collection - not only because of the shine and sparkle - but because each piece has its own story. Her own collection, which contains surprising elements and clashing styles is understated yet memorable. The jewelry plays with symmetry and a mixing of colors and shapes. Over time, Ilana refined her understanding of jewelry while studying Art Therapy at New York University. It was then that she learned the power of the creative process and how it can be used to communicate, facilitate growth, and deepen self awareness.

My late grandmother, Ella, would mix costume jewelry and fine jewelry in a way that always left her looking exquisite. Watching her accessorize, I learned at a young age that jewelry is a reflection of one's experiences.

Ilana Ariel

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