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Holly Dyment

Number 8 Enamel Pendant



18K yellow gold necklace with colored enamel and white diamond number "8" pendant

Diamonds: 0.25ctw

Pendant Width: 0.75" / Height: 0.9"

Chain Length: 20"

About the designer

Known for her clever use of color in interior decorating, Holly Dyment’s jewelry designs are informed by the same colorful aesthetic. Her collection can be described as sophisticated and contemporary with each stone being carefully selected and arranged by Holly herself. She travels to Jaipur at least once a year where she oversees the creation of her collection. Dyment's jewelry collection is full of uniquely-shaped pieces which are a playful mixture of gold, gemstones, diamonds and colored enamel. Her pieces have a voice that is all their own, hard to mistake and impossible to miss.


I am a woman designer, designing for women.

Holly Dyment

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