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Adam Tropical Earrings



18K yellow gold palm leaf drop earrings with green topaz stones

Topaz: 0.70ctw

Width: 0.6"

Height: 0.85"

About the designer

Founded by two Brazilian businesswomen Beatriz Zaluski and Maria Zaluski in 2009, Essere is a jewelry brand that seeks to enhance the diversity of the feminine universe. Inspired by Italian culture, the name means "to be" in the Italian language: to be admired, to be beautiful, to be a woman. The Italo-Brazilian brand name also refers to the cultural roots of the countries from which the owners draw their influences. The collection brings together fine metals and stones into designs that frequently reflect the nature and materials of their native Brazil.

We see ourselves as Ying and Yang - a complete synergy between creativity and seriousness


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