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Double Dimple Earrings



Suel's Double Dimple Earrings are made of her signature blackened 18K yellow gold. Each earring has a round dimple stud and matching ear jacket. There are white and black diamonds throughout.

The earrings have approximately 0.32ct of diamonds, with a width of 0.25" and total height of 0.65"

About the designer

Created by Suejin Lee, her jewelry collection called Suel is a strong vision in blackened gold and white diamonds. After studying Jewelry Studio and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Lee gained a following and moved back to Korea to create her label Suel, the name being a combination of the letters of her name. Lee's designs are almost exclusively made from blacked gold - a signature of her style - with white diamonds. Her jewelry is playful yet sophisticated with lines that are simple and romantic but also bold and delicate. Diamonds and gold combine with simple geometric shapes to convey a strong, minimal simplicity and sophistication.

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