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Skinny Snake Necklace



Sorellina's Skinny Snake Necklace is a mixture of 18K yellow and blackened golds. The stylized bent snake pendant has a single row of white diamonds along the body.

There are approximately 1.24ct of diamonds in this piece. The pendant is 4" wide and hangs from a 16" chain.

About the designer

Sorellina is a jewelry design house that redefines the “everyday” piece of jewelry. Neither subtle nor discreet, Sorellina pieces are bold, statement pieces made for the urban, modern day woman. Sorellina creates a harmonious dichotomy by seamlessly blending opposing ideas of feminine with masculine and vintage with modern. A distinct style emerges from this balance that is quintessential Sorellina.

It has always bothered me that products these days are so disposable. As such, one of my ultimate goals was to create something that would last for generations. By combining precious materials with American craftsmanship, we hope that our Sorellina pieces will become family heirlooms.


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