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Fresh Water Pearl Necklace



17 Count Freshwater Pearl Strand Necklace with Silver, Yellow Gold and Champagne Diamond Clasp

Pearl Width: 0.6"

Total Length: 16.75"

About the designer

Creator of Atelier Zobel, Peter Schmid, is often referred to as a ‘stone whisperer’. He sees it as central to his craft to know gemstones intimately—as individual personalities. He begins by selecting stones that are very distinct, both in character and in the extraordinary way they are cut. Peter looks carefully at each stone, feeling it in his hands and listening as it tells him how it wants to be presented—how he can help it become truly alive. He then takes time to carefully set the stones in ways that intensify their sparkle, brilliance and luminous colors, or highlight their specific structure. He may turn an individual stone into a brilliant star, or help it take its place in a dialogue with other unique stones, each of which enhances the allure of the other. At Atelier Zobel, every stone and every piece has its own distinct story. Individuality is one of the main hallmarks of Zobel's collection. While unique stones are central to most of his designs, it is his masterful handling of the high-quality metals that takes his creations to the level. As a master goldsmith, Zobel forges golds and silver into gallery-level artistic creations. Each piece is a statement, and each statement is different - what would you like to say?

We create extraordinary jewelry for extraordinary people.

Atelier Zobel

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