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Ara Vartanian

Amazonite Horn Earring



18K white gold earring with black diamond and amazonite dangling charm - sold individually

Height: 1.2"

About the designer

Ara Vartanian was born into a family well-practiced in the tradition of jewelry making. Based in São Paulo, he is dedicated to the architecture of each of his pieces, creating works of art that consider symmetry and comfort. Each piece is unique and handmade, demonstrating Ara’s authenticity and craftsmanship. In his studio built into his showroom, he leads a team of artisans and accompanies the assembly of each one of his creations. Vartanian's collection is filled with large, gorgeous, inverted black diamonds and sparkling, faceted rubies. His individually-sold stone horn earrings are signature pieces that can be paired with a stud in a double-pierced ear for an effortless look.

Right from the beginning I started turning diamonds upside down because they deserve to be inverted; they're beautiful on the reverse side too.

Ara Vartanian

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