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Teardrop Emerald Necklace



18K yellow gold necklace with teardrop-shaped emerald surrounded by black diamonds

Emerald: 0.40ct

Black Diamonds: 0.14ctw

Pendant Height: 0.45"

Chain Length: 18"

About the designer

Friends Tessa Hirsch and Sandra Aron have never believed that jewelry is made to be stored in a safe under lock and key. On the contrary, when they joined forces to create Aron & Hirsch in 2011, they were determined to create pieces designed for everyday life, completely original and without ostentation.

In love with stones, the pair began to give life to graceful gems that follow the following formula to the letter: doses of irreverence and creativity, zero pretentiousness and extreme delicacy. While Taísa brought the technical knowledge gained from her training at GIA, Sandra brought her keen eye and experience in the business field. In a short time, Aron & Hirsch joined the select team of designers for sale at NK Store stores in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, as well as other international outlets such as Broken English and Moda Operandi.


These are designs made for women who recognize that the true value of a jewel is not in its size but in the story behind every detail

Aron & Hirsch

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