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Annette Ferdinandsen

Scavenger Necklace



14K yellow gold necklace with druzy shell pendant, coral stick charm and yellow gold feather charm

Pendant Width: 1" / Height: 2.25"

Chain Length: 32"

About the designer

Created in her workshop in the historic countryside of New York's Hudson Valley, Annette Ferdinandsen's jewelry is a reflection of the flora and fauna that surrounds her. Her collection, which evokes the elegant beauty of the natural world, is wrought in precious metals and often adorned with one-of-a-kind semi-precious stones. Each of these handmade creations tells a story about the environment from which it came. Metalwork designs show motifs of local leaves, grasses and flowers, while natural semi-precious stones display the beauty of nature's own creations. Each of these designs are as unexpected as they are stunningly beautiful. Ferdinandsen's uncompromising quality and attention to detail, along with her use of materials rich with color and texture are all emblems of her refined collection.

I love gold. It's so kind and forgiving to work with and complements the brilliance in colored stones.

Annette Ferdinandsen

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