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Aida Bergsen's Opal Looking Glass Necklace is a mixture of 10K rose gold and oxidized silver. The functioning magnifying lens sits in a frame that is decorated around the edge with a single flower and crawling lizard design. The entire piece is set with white diamonds.

There are approximately 0.79ct of white diamonds in this piece. The pendant is approximately 1.4" wide with a height of 3" and hangs from a 30" chain.

About the designer

Based in Istanbul, jeweler and sculptor Aida Bergsen creates wearable works of art that have been meticulously crafted into timeless jewels. Bergsen draws her inspiration from mythological heroes, human anatomy, and the organic forms of nature, often pulling themes from the history and culture of her hometown. The multi-layered cultural fibre of Istanbul is a constant underlying theme for her, often reflected in the artwork she creates. Sometimes delicate and dainty but often large and sculptural, Bergsen's jewelry is a contrast of bright golds with dark, oxidized silver, scattered with diamonds and gemstones. Single statement pieces can be worn individually or stacked together for a stronger effect.

I like to have a play on the contrast between light and shadow as I believe it is key in capturing form at a deeper level.

Aida Bergsen

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