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Ruby Blooming Lotus Dagger Earrings



18K yellow gold studs, each with one prong-set round ruby and pave rubies

Inspired by the goddess Durga, a warrior goddess who combats evil that threatens peace and prosperity

Height: 0.65"

About the designer

Handmade entirely in Los Angeles, ARK is both the initials of its designer, Ann Korman, and a conscious reference to protection, safety and a constant forward movement. Created from 18-karat gold, diamonds and gemstones, each piece in the collection is born from Korman’s love for the East, ritual, Light and the concept of Time. An avid practitioner of yoga and meditation, she started making jewelry while in India, learning all she could about the traditional Vedic understanding of gemstones and energy as well as the ancient tantric symbols that turn up in her designs.

While I’m creating my jewelry, the aim is to give people something that is not only beautiful to wear but to keep them going and to empower them and uplift them.


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