Strength Enamel Charm

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18K yellow gold and red champleve enamel charm with white diamonds

Diameter: 0.6"

From Foundrae's Strength Collection:

Strength is within. The symbol of the lion represents dignity, passion and self-confidence. The star represents energy & divine guidance because there is no strength without direction.





I’m very inspired by women; the story of how each of us got here as well as our next chapter.

– Foundrae

Co-founded by husband and wife, Murat and Beth Bugdaycay in 2015, the Foundrae collection is made up of modern heirlooms designed to allow the wearer to express a piece of herself to the world. Each piece tells a story and reminds the wearer of their capacity for change and growth. When you wear a Foundrae piece, you are announcing to yourself and to the world that everything you want and everything you want to be is already there--all you have to do is claim it. Foundrae medallion necklaces are staples of the collection - they come pre-designed or can be built individually by starting with a chain and adding the medallions of your choice. Whichever direction you choose, each Foundrae piece is timeless and sure to become a part of your family's collection for years to come.