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Best known for her signature gold and resin chain necklaces and a collection of simple yet elegant pieces designed for layering, second-generation jeweler Gigi Clozeau's design practice is rooted in a family-run studio in France.

Gigi, who grew up in the south of France, was deeply inspired by her father, Alain Clozeau, who originally created the line out of pure excitement at the birth of his daughter. Gigi Clozeau grew up watching her father at the jewelry bench, creating and crafting delicate designs by hand. Her mother, whom Gigi describes as avant-garde, also inspired her nod to a bohemian spirit. The embodiment of enviable French girl style, Gigi Clozeau's work reflects design inspiration ranging from Brooklyn graffiti to the gradient colors of her family's lavender fields.

Using only the best materials, including 18k gold, diamonds, and lacquer (known for its shine and quality), Gigi Clozeau's collection is a jewelry collector's dream. Created with the intention is to be layered and lived-in. Her world is one of enchantment, magic, and authenticity, where wanderlust is realized in a bright, bold color. With a nod to religious influences, Gigi also designed a collection of charms to reflect the beliefs of the wearer. The Star of David and the Holy Cross Resin Pendants are reimagined in the optimistic eyes of Gigi Clozeau.

The chains are hand-dipped in melted lacquer to mimic the look of beads, a technique that Gigi Clozeau herself perfected. The collection's color palette ranges from oceanic turquoise to deep purple, reminiscent of an orchid in full bloom, drawing on the full spectrum of the rainbow.

"All my necklaces are very delicate and can be worn all the time. You forget they are on. They become part of who you are," declares Gigi.