Gigi Clozeau was born in the South of France, to a house steeped in the traditions of design and fashion. Her father, Alain, worked at his jewelry bench crafting delicate designs by hand, and her avant-garde mother sparked a nascent creativity for color, elegance and print. It was out of these traditions, and the joie de vivre of a young father eager to celebrate the birth of his first daughter, that the Gigi Clozeau line was born. A joyfulness in color, and the love for beauty in all its simplicity—these are the values that Gigi feels blessed by, and the gifts that she brings to share with the world.  Her collection is most noted for its delicate gold and colored resin chain bracelets and necklaces. With a rainbow of colored resin options to choose from, and a wide selection of charms to adorn them with, Clozeau's collection is classic, yet completely customizable for any occasion.